in the AI World

Who We Are

Supported Intelligence has been a pioneer in the Artificial Intelligence world. We develop and license a new class of powerful, consumer-friendly AI applications that help people make better decisions.

The Rapid Recursive® technology we invented provides a method of composing and solving sequential decision problems. These are the most interesting and common challenges people face in business and in life.

Supported Intelligence was formed in 2012 by Patrick Anderson and Anderson Economic Group to develop and license the Rapid Recursive® technology. Starting with that single innovative vision, our skilled developers and experts have introduced multiple innovations. As of 2019, RR applications have been successfully deployed in over 90 countries from business to consumer applications, on both workstations and mobile platforms.

Licensing the Rapid Recursive technology

Supported Intelligence licenses the RR technology for use in consumer and business applications. If you have customer data, and your customers must make decisions that affect their future, the RR technology may be a more powerful and consumer-friendly alternative to other AI methods. In particular, our “RR” technology is more understandable than opaque machine-learning methods.

Data Analytics Services

Many of the now-common analytical methods employed on business data lack the power that the RR technology can bring to management decisions. When compared to older methods such as machine learning, discounted cash flow, and trend analysis, the RR technology can help you identify strategic opportunities, better assess sources of risk, and make better marketing, inventory, pricing, and purchasing decisions.

Custom Solutions for Difficult Problems

All organizations—businesses, nonprofits, and governments—face difficult decisions. Often, these decisions involve choices made in one time period that affect both the current situation and the prospects for the future. This is the kind of sequential decision problem for which we developed the RR technology. As we have done for leaders in multiple industries, we can develop a custom solution to address your strategy, risk, cost, investment, and challenges.