Inventory management is one of the biggest headaches business owners deal with. Learning to predict when to order, how much to order and when to restock is one of the most complicated parts of the job. At Supported Intelligence, we help you not only simplify this process, but master it with our innovative data analytics and proprietary modeling software.

Why We Are Different

Traditional methods and software for solving inventory management problems fall short of considering the many outcomes that may occur. With demand levels and market conditions continually changing, you need a dynamic approach to managing your inventory; you cannot rely on a simple linear method anymore.

Our innovative method natively accounts for multiple scenarios such as product value to consumer, time of year and costs to help you determine when you need to restock and how much new inventory to order. This method also accounts for the expenses associated with inventory management, including the costs of the inventory, shipping, and stocking your shelves.

Our Method

Our work begins with exploratory data analysis to understand the unique nature of your business and your customers. With then use the data to create an optimal inventory strategy that takes into account all of the variables affecting your business.